46: The Return, Part 16

Allie and Jeremy celebrate one of the most satisfying episodes yet for longtime fans. There’s so much ground to cover, and just so much to luve.

Will there be credits on Part 17? Who is who?

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45: The Return, Part 15

With just three episodes remaining, Allie and Jeremy cheer happy moments and anticipate everything not wrapping up neatly, nor cleanly, nor happily.

Death is a change, not an end.

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44: The Return, Part 14

Allie and Jeremy lament the fact that we're only getting four more hours of Twin Peaks as various threads begin connecting (while at once, new mysteries open up).

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43: The Return, Part 13

Allie and Jeremy sift through the mixed emotions they and the rest of the Internet felt about different aspects of this episode. Sudden "hey look who's back" returns, more violence, and perhaps they have discovered the true endpoint of Twin Peaks. We'll find out in the coming weeks if they're right.

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