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Why Membership?

If you love ESN, this helps us keep making existing stuff building new stuff, plain and simple.

We have sponsors that support all of our existing shows, and we will continue to have them. Growing our paying member base allows us to limit how many ads we run per show, and it supports starting shows from scratch with no pre-existing audience.

What Do I Get?

For now, the incredibly warm sense of having done a good thing. Previously, we tried something unwieldy, unrealistic, and that we fell behind on almost immediately. 

This spring, with the benefit of having done a bunch of the work in advance, we're giving members at all levels a few things: early access to episodes of select shows, completely exclusive additional content, and Special Edition re-edits or "audiobook cuts" as it makes sense. There will be Member-only feeds for this stuff, and there will also be free samples in the public feeds once it does launch.

If you join now, we can promise that you'll be the first to hear a brand-new show that's teased on Electric Shadow #47 (if you click on that link it won't go anywhere until Friday, 9 March 2018).


We use Memberful as our service provider for our memberships. Your card information is stored by the great people at Stripe, who process payments and store card info securely for more companies than you're probably aware of, including Squarespace, Patreon, and loads of others.

Why No Patreon?

I wish there were a better answer than "they've been assholes to us every time I've interacted with them, beyond that fact that the portion we get after fees comes out exponentially better with Memberful and Stripe."