176: Media Indie Exchange Interviews (E3 2017)

Shareef staked out a "random rooftop" in L.A. and packed together a bunch of interviews with the people behind seven of the coolest upcoming indie games across a variety of platforms, from Switch to Steam to VR and beyond, all in under a half hour.

  • Ironcast with Hollie Pattison of Ripstone Games
  • Tower 57 with Karol Zajaczkowski, Senior Marketing Manager at 11 Bit Studios
  • Manifest 99 with Sara Hebert, Marketing Director at Flight School
  • Road Redemption with Jason Tate, Lead Engineer at Pixel Dash Studios
  • Runner 3 with Dant Rambo, Producer / Writer at Choice Provisions
  • Where The Water Taste Like Wine with Johnnemann Nordhagen of Dimbulb Games
  • Joggernautts with Tommy Sunders, Artist and Designer at Space Mace Games

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