176: Media Indie Exchange Interviews (E3 2017)

Shareef staked out a "random rooftop" in L.A. and packed together a bunch of interviews with the people behind seven of the coolest upcoming indie games across a variety of platforms, from Switch to Steam to VR and beyond, all in under a half hour.

  • Ironcast with Hollie Pattison of Ripstone Games
  • Tower 57 with Karol Zajaczkowski, Senior Marketing Manager at 11 Bit Studios
  • Manifest 99 with Sara Hebert, Marketing Director at Flight School
  • Road Redemption with Jason Tate, Lead Engineer at Pixel Dash Studios
  • Runner 3 with Dant Rambo, Producer / Writer at Choice Provisions
  • Where The Water Taste Like Wine with Johnnemann Nordhagen of Dimbulb Games
  • Joggernautts with Tommy Sunders, Artist and Designer at Space Mace Games

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170: Nintendo (E3 2017)

Shareef and Moisés get together after Nintendo's E3 Direct to talk about Rocket Leaguecoming to Switch, the effect that a title reveal teaser can have when it's for a franchise as long-neglected as Metroid, the promise of a big/weird/goofy new Mario title, and news that kept breaking during the Treehouse Live stream while we were recording!

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161: Brookago's C2E2

It's that time of year again where Cee gets to put on his comic book geek cape and head over to the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2)! This year was the biggest yet for the show, which means it was also the biggest yet for Brookago!

This week's show is all interviews all the time. Some of these folks have visited Brookago before while, others are just discovering what a great place it can be! Either way, we're super happy to have them stop for a bit and are excited to share them with you!

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