182: Destiny 2, EVO, and Ninten-doh!

It's a fountain of information this week thanks to the Destiny 2 Beta dropping. We give some impressions on what we've played and what we're hopeful for. EVO also wrapped up this past weekend, and we got displays of Black love that we didn't expect. We wrap up the show discussing why Nintendo is making chat so hard for its players.

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176: Media Indie Exchange Interviews (E3 2017)

Shareef staked out a "random rooftop" in L.A. and packed together a bunch of interviews with the people behind seven of the coolest upcoming indie games across a variety of platforms, from Switch to Steam to VR and beyond, all in under a half hour.

  • Ironcast with Hollie Pattison of Ripstone Games
  • Tower 57 with Karol Zajaczkowski, Senior Marketing Manager at 11 Bit Studios
  • Manifest 99 with Sara Hebert, Marketing Director at Flight School
  • Road Redemption with Jason Tate, Lead Engineer at Pixel Dash Studios
  • Runner 3 with Dant Rambo, Producer / Writer at Choice Provisions
  • Where The Water Taste Like Wine with Johnnemann Nordhagen of Dimbulb Games
  • Joggernautts with Tommy Sunders, Artist and Designer at Space Mace Games

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