Up and Running

We're not only live, but we've added some new features, and re-worked others in just the last three days. That list includes this Blog and the Contact form link. I didn't want to post something until all the signature shows had posted and I had some housekeeping things added/fixed/done.

A minor refresh has been done to each show's landing page to include show art, description, and available feed links


All individual show feeds are in iTunes now. The three "aggregate" feeds are not (yet).

If you were subscribed to the Master Feed: unsubscribe, re-subscribe, and re-download the episodes to have the titles reflect the individual show you've selected.

The Master Feed and respective Electric Shadow and Giant Size "Channel Feed" pages were added because it just sort of made sense to do so, based on post-launch requests I've been getting. All three feeds have been submitted to Apple, and are awaiting approval (which should be relatively quick).

I hope people like the Electric Shadow and Giant Size Channel Feeds. If you aren't quite ready to commit on the Master Feed, you can carve out a custom slice of the pie that includes the extra crust you want.

Now I want pie.

Show Art, Logo, and Overall Design

None of these are permanent, nor am I 100% happy with any of them. I've gotten a big pile of compliments. I made all of the art you see on this site in Pixelmator (for better or worse). I have a pro designer working on revising every inch of it all.


You can always ping me on Twitter, or feel free to use the Contact page form. When I say I'm open to feedback, I'm open to it on anything: individual shows, functionality of the site and feeds, you name it.

We've gotten off to a bang, and the "#2" episodes posting at the week's end should give us a nice little further bump into the weekend.