"His Honor" Cicero Holmes   Brookago City Councilman , Bronx-Chicago District  Chancellor of Stubnostication ,  Spawn On Me   Prime Minister , United Kingdom of Brookago

"His Honor" Cicero Holmes
Brookago City Councilman, Bronx-Chicago District
Chancellor of StubnosticationSpawn On Me
Prime Minister, United Kingdom of Brookago

Cicero Holmes is a lifelong gamer who parlayed his love for all things tech into a 20 plus year career in Systems Administration. This Bronx born, Long Island raised eccentric truly beats to the beat of his own drum. A former thespian, Cicero is also credited (by him) for inventing the phrase & motion of 'popping one's collar'. You can find Cicero every week yelling about why Chicago's pizza is not as good as New York's on Spawn On Me.

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