30: Beyond Life and Death

Dana Gould joins Allie and Jeremy to discuss the final episode of what we can now call the original series of Twin Peaks. Allie reflects upon her predictions throughout the podcast, Dana contextualizes the events of the finale to its original airing, and boy are we glad we didn't do this when the fate of Season 3 was still up in the air.

Covered here: Episode 29 (30 including The Pilot, or S02E22)

Fire Talk With Me will return, and...more than likely do so in less than 25 years.

  • Dana Gould is @DanaGould on Twitter
  • The Dana Gould Hour podcast is so good that it has been known to literally restore faith in the podcast medium.
  • Allie's new Simpsons show is Everything's Coming Up Podcast
  • The George Clooney book that Dana busts Jeremy's balls over (and which is most certainly real, Jeremy promises) is not yet available for pre-order, but it should be out this year! Rest assured that "George Clooney Jeremy Smith", entered in the Search Engine of your choice, should exclusively direct you toward it once it is available for purchase.