Giant Size Contest (ends 25 April 2014)

On the latest episode of Giant Size, we announced our first ever giveaway!

One of this week's sponsors, IDW, has generously provided us with a hardcover edition of Haunted Horror, one of John's favorite books they publish. You'll be hearing a lot about them in the weeks and months to come.

Here's a sample of Haunted Horror:

"An evilness was his companion" indeed! Try imagining the voice of Vincent Price reading the captions to you, and thank me later.


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  2. Make it the sort of review people would find and upvote as "useful". That doesn't mean it needs to be long.
  3. Your review does not have to mention anything special, hashtags, or code words.
  4. Copy/paste your review into an email sent through our Contact Form.
  5. Bonus points awarded for Tweeting/Facebooking/blogging about the show and IDW. Show your work via links in the above contact form email.

John and I will select a winner and we will ship it to you at my cost. We might include some more goodies (aka comics stuff in my house I'd rather ship to a stranger than move).