Why "Giant Size #5.5"

The following only affects you if you subscribe to the feed that serves only the main Giant Size shows. If you roll with the Master Feed or Giant Size Channel Feed, ignore this completely.

I decided to add the spoiler-filled, Winter Soldier-specific post-show that John and I did after Giant Size 5 to the "Giant Size only" feed.


  1. A couple thousand people subscribe to the "GS-only" feed.
  2. That not-insignificant number probably don't also subscribe to the Master Feed, Giant Size Channel Feed or even the general Extras feed
  3. This sort of post-show is much more directly relevant than any other pre- or post-shows for GS.
  4. This is a means of giving GS-only subscribers a taste of what they're missing without flooding the feed with Artist Editions and Extras.
  5. This week's brand-new episode, Giant Size 6: Not Just a Boy Scout, is all about Captain America.
  6. Episode 6 features yet another interesting and speculative and spoilery Captain America: The Winter Soldier (and Agents of SHIELD) post-show, which I plan to post in the "GS-only" feed on Tuesday as "#6.5".

I obsess over convenience and curation decisions like this because I want to not overload, but at once not under-serve.