Systematic and Overtired

By a comfortable margin, Brett Terpstra is the closest friend I made as a result of being on 5by5.

Months before I left and started ESN, I confided that I was planning my own podcast "thing" toward the end of a long conversation about working together on something. I said that, not that he was looking nor was I pressuring, but if he ever wanted to join forces podcast-wise, that I'd move heaven and earth to make such a thing happen. I told him the door would always be open and space would stay permanently reserved.

When he and Christina Warren started a new show six months ago, I'm not ashamed to admit that I was insane (not literally) with jealousy that it wasn't part of ESN

This year, I'm thankful for an out-of-the-blue email, losing a lot of sleep over the last few days, and welcoming two great friends to the network.

Systematic and Overtired are joining ESN effective immediately, and to answer the questions we could anticipate:

  • both shows have brand-new feeds, so you'll need to subscribe to them
  • Systematic RSS and iTunes
  • Overtired RSS and iTunes
  • we are, however, continuing the original episode numbering to avoid confusion
  • while you are at it, make sure to rate and review both in iTunes (even if you don't listen to them in iTunes) based on your existing love for them
  • both shows will continue with new episodes as soon as Brett and Christina are able to record (Brett has been very ill), but there are "#0" teases live in each feed for you
  • both shows are still the shows everyone knows and loves, and they will remain friendly to new and long-time listeners

The only reason I'm putting words in Brett's mouth is that he's been in the lead-up to surgery to have his gall bladder removed (this is no big reveal, he's been talking about it), and when I ran a version of all this by him Sunday afternoon, he told me "yeah, fine, whatever, that sounds good. Do that. I could fall asleep right now. I think I will."

If you've been a dedicated listener to Overtired...c'mon, how perfect is that?

You get a taste of what I love about both shows in the "#0" episodes you'll find in the feeds. Here's what I like about both shows, in case they're new to you:

Systematic has gone beyond the boundaries of what's typically considered a "tech podcast" by focusing on the way that people who make stuff (regardless of what specific "stuff") have the common thread of all work being fundamentally creative. Get Brett and anyone who makes something talking together for an hour, and he can organically get anyone in any field saying things you've never heard them talk about before.

Overtired has similarly jumped outside the box of "two tech industry people talk about tech", owing to Christina and Brett knowing each other for nearly ten years. That level of trust means that you never know how fun and goofy or deep and serious the show might be week to week, but you can rely on it being engaging, and above all, relatable. Yes, they talk about apps and gadgets and everything like that, but that's all on top of candid, compelling conversation.

Join me in welcoming Christina and Brett, and hope that we all actually get some sleep soon!