No, Really. New Art for "Thank You For Calling!"

Hello, indeed, Thank You For Calling!, and don't you look swell with your fancy new art?

Newsletter subscribers will get a bit more meat on this story as an advance tease. A pseudo-process post (my chunk of the process, not Jory's radically larger portion of the work) will be told in fuller form on this blog soon.

I took some macro photos of an old issue of LOOK magazine from the 1940s. It has Charlie Chaplin on the cover. Some of the advertisements are especially, bizarrely (to modern eyes) misogynist.

The trio of headliner shows finally has real art. Good timing, since one new show already has a first episode in the can, with another brand-new show coming in behind it.

Wednesday morning, 22 October 2014 (and not before then)...unsubscribe and delete everything from your pod catcher of choice, and the entire back catalogue will have the new art and some tidied up and re-standardized show notes.