Rumblings and Musings (End of August 2014)

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I have some ambitious things planned for Electric Shadow over the next few months, and provided that schedules align, this week's show will be one of a couple that celebrates the anniversary of a much-beloved movie that flopped at the box office.

We'll be screening Howard the Duck in Austin this September, and the character's co-creator Val Mayerik will be on hand to see it all the way through for the first time and do a Q&A and signing after. Subscribers to the newsletter will be notified, and Members will get a 24-hour head start in buying tickets.

Val will have a really nice digital print available for sale after the show that he's only selling at events like this and conventions.

Fire Talk With Me has really hit a nice stride. The great guests don't hurt.

I've been working on the "big" Limited Edition series that'll follow it for a little while now, in addition to a couple of smaller ones that I hope to start chewing through in November.

If there are movies or TV shows that you would like to see highlighted in a Limited Edition series, get in touch.